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Carp Fishing for Beginners

Carp fishing does not need to be expensive for the beginner. The first thing to do is to find out where is a good place to find some Carp to catch. Carp are found in dams and in rivers. You don't need very expensive equipment to start off. At first you can buy a less expensive rod and reel. Make sure that the rod and reel is not of a bad quality. Tackle needed :

1) A fishing rod between 10 feet and 14 feet long. When you are carp fishing in a river you will need a shorter fishing rod, because you will not want your line to get stuck in the trees. In a dam you can use a longer rod as you will want to cast your bait further from the side of the dam.
2) A good quality reel. There are a lot of bait runner reels available which are not too expensive.
3) Fishing line. Make sure to get a good quality fishing line because you would not want to loose a big one before you have landed it.
4) The hooks must also be of a good quality. It must be sharp and durable.
5) Weights. I found that the mushroom shaped, sliding weights work the best for me. I make a nice mieliebom around it and the weight of the mieliebom helps me to cast deeper into the dam.
6)You will also need some swivels and beeds to assemble your traces. Ready made traces are available at the most fishing tackle dealers.
7) A keep net to keep the fish you have caught in and a landing net to help you to land the fish safely.
8) Stands to hold up your fishing rods.
9) A good tackle box to keep all your hooks, weights, swivels and all the dips and dupas. 
10) And very important the bait.

In the beginning you can use some brown bread with curry, brown bread with honey and mix it to a nice soft ball and put a piece on a hook. The bread must not be too soft as it will fall off when you cast it in. Tinned whole kernel mielie pips is a winner when it comes to carp fishing and so are earth worms. Ask your shop owner for some of the most effective dips. Make a mieliebom and put it around the mushroom shaped sliding weight and put some of the dip on it. This will help feeding and attracting the nearby fish.

After you have casted your bait into the water you place your rods onto the rod holders. On the line you put a "policeman" which you can buy at the fishing store. Some people are using a piece of the brown bread which they put on the line, but that is not advisable. When you are fishing at night it will help a lot to make use of an alarm which are also available at your local fishing store.

When the fish bites you pick up the rod from the stand with a firm pull to get the hook stuck in its mouth. Reel it in carefully so that you do not break the line. You use the landing net to land the fish when it is near enough to the side of the dam. If you are fishing in a dam you can walk into the dam for a few meters to land the fish.

If you are into catch and release make sure you don't injure the fish while you are taking photos before you put it back. The bigger carps are sensitive and their organs can be harmed easily if it is not hanled with care.

After landing a few fish you will most probaply want to get deeper into the fishing sport. Then you will try the use of boilies and all the hundreds of different flavoured dips.

Many people make use of canoes or bait boats to get their bait a nice distance into the water. You can also practice to throw the bait deep into the water.

I read a lot of Magazines about fishing and also some fishing books to learn what the experts do.


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